Procurement & Logistics Services

Our International Procurement Team specializes in sourcing and supplying products and services that Businesses require for its operations in Nigeria. Typically, this involves comparing domestic and imported products and services and purchasing from both sources at best possible prices, and ensuring that they can be delivered where and when they are needed.

We have international procurement and logistics specialists on staff that handles enquiries. Where there is a lot of procurement coming from a particular country, we retain an Overseas Buyer, who is located in the source country. We can also arrange for delivery in accordance with just-in-time inventory control systems.

AENS builds and manages global project supply chains that are tailored to the unique needs of each of our customers and deliver maximum value for their projects. AENS has the purchasing power to meet the procurement requirements of any industrial project. Our engineering, procurement and construction systems are seamlessly integrated, we are in partnership with many manufacturers and producers of oil and gas and industrial equipment’s and instrumentations.

We have the capacity to deliver predictable, consistent procurement results on virtually most of the large and most complex EPC projects in Nigeria.

Our procurement professionals are consistently excelling in:

  • Technical Specifications

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