Mechanical Engineering Services

We have the expertise and equipment to manage all of your infrastructure needs from heating, ventilation, air conditioning, chilled water, public health, gas, controls and BMS, maintenance, facilities management services. We can create the optimum working environment with the most suitable heating, ventilation, air conditioning and Public Health systems for your facility.

Aens helps you achieve the following:

  • Planned maintenance and repairs to minimise expense, disturbance and lost time for your business
  • Self-delivered by fully employed and trained personnel working to the highest safety, environmental and service standards.
  • Solutions tailored specifically to your needs to help with: service delivery, streamlining of costs, resource sharing and administration.
  • Our high-quality mechanical services will help you make cost savings throughout the building's life cycle.

If you are looking for specialists who can provide you the best solution for Process Piping System, Aens Project & Engineering is the one you should contact. Our expertise and deliverables also consist broadly from the modelling for both onshore & offshore piping System, Oil & Gas Pipelines (Sizing, Thickness, Flow Assurance, Thermal Expansion, Hydraulic) to Pipe Stress and Flexibility Analysis, Pipe Support Design and other construction Design for Piping System.

Aens Project & Engineering also provides engineering design services for pressure vessel, routinely conforming to requirements of ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Codes (BPVC) which range from preliminary engineering design to detailed design, procurement support, fabrication and erection engineering.

As well as this we are providing detailed engineering design for both low- and high-pressure storage tanks which consist of foundation engineering design, material selection study, loading formulation, structural design analysis, corrosion protection engineering, detailed drawing, assembly drawing, erection drawing, specification and procedure, testing procedure, etc.

Our engineers are professionally and systematically trained in using third party software solutions such as PVElite, CAESAR II, etc. thus our customers have been convinced on the reliability and correctness of our design outputs and solutions.

Our capacity to deal with rotating equipment as in equipment design and optimization, pump specification and evaluation as well as compressor specification and evaluation cannot be matched.

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