Instrumentation & Control Engineering Services

Aens Instrumentation/Control team provides a comprehensive range of instrumentation and control services to the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, fine chemical, gas storage, power generation, renewable energy, water and sewerage, industrial and commercial manufacturing and industrial process facilities sectors.

Our specialist E & I engineers have the expertise and resources to deliver your project to the highest standard from initial concept through to design, procurement, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance.

Our Electrical and Instrumentation Services include:

  • HV and LV distribution control systems
  • Lighting and small power control systems
  • Containment systems and cable installation
  • Fire, Gas and Emergency Shutdown (ESD) systems
  • Communication systems
  • Trace heating and cathodic protection
  • Hazardous area installation, inspection and reporting
  • Pneumatic, electrical and electronic testing devices for inspection and testing of instrument and system operation, and diagnose faults
  • Installation and maintenance of instruments on new or existing plant equipment and processes
  • Calibration and maintenance of components and instruments according to manufacturers’ specifications (PPE)
  • Repair, maintain and adjust system components or remove and replace defective parts
  • Instrument hook-ups
  • Small-bore piping installation
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) installation
  • Pressure controls
  • Flow meters
  • Temperature valves
  • Test and pre-commissioning
  • Consultation and advice to process operators
  • Risk assessment analysis
  • Interpretation and use of appropriate CSA, ISA and API installation standards and practices

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